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Friday, January 14, 2011

Super Movie Not So Super After All.....

I am surprised because of the hype and good reviews Super movie has received. I have seen of many Upendra movies but this one let me down completely. This movie does not fit as an entertainer or as a serious genre movie. Super is boring particularly during first one hour. I went to this Upendra starer with lot of hopes, because of the good reviews it received in almost all articles, but for me personally this movie was not a good one.

Most of the scenes in the movie, like a person applying Indian soil to a wound and getting soothing effect where as when foreign soil is applied to same wound it causes burning is really very unrealistic, boring, very painful to watch. The concept of the movie that India will be become super power by 2030 is a good one but the way it happens in this movie is not at all near by to average movie standards also, I felt the approach presented for development was most unrealistic one.

I fail to understand how can a billionaire after returning back to his home country, start a company of goondas to develop the state? The movie tries to different aspects like corruption, Indian politics, love for a gal, love for nation, love for language etc etc but not even one aspect is portrayed properly, and everything together seems to be in mess in this movie.

Why should foreign nationals behave as uncivilized people if India or Karnataka develops? I do not understand why should only Kannada speaking person be considered as educated after India or Karnataka develops? I love Karnataka as well as Kannada but still I do not approve the concept in this movie that only Kannada speaking people are considered as educated where as all people who learn English are uneducated.

As a whole, this movie was complete let down for me. It has failed in all departments; it has a weak story, bad narration, no fun, does not have great music either. It looks like 30 minutes story has been dragged to make a 2 hour movie. Super was boring from start to end, I was just waiting for the movie to end. Only thing I liked in Super is about the chaddi brothers....


Naveen babu said...

May be i have this benach mark OR I am BIG FAN of UPPI, But still i wanted to Comment on ur Blog on Super
I Also agree for paragraph(->Why should foreign nationals behave as uncivilized ??.) this uppi could have thought atleast as human being, i will give -1000...infinity mark for First half,

But he was trying to put bench mark in first half that he could have showed in different way,

but concept was Good, if we love our things then we will tacecare of it, thats all the messge, he showed in Second half,

its not failes in all departments:
1. weak story -> a simple Story i can Say not weak, but he showed it in Uppis style
2. bad narration -> its Not bad its More than Avg
3. no fun - it was in 2nd half which is in Uppis Style(may be ur FUN different from his Style)
4. great music -> it has Great Music
5. 30Min story - No its 1 Min Story i can tell as mention in 2nd Para
6. Super was boring from start to end -> NO it was Boring First half aste maga
May be i have this benach mark OR I am BIG FAN of UPPI........Have Fun in Uppi Movies always he try to make Different, we take +ve things and leave the rest

Shweta said...

@BK: gud blog, Naveen is Uppi's die hard fan i guess.. ;)
@naveen : come on naveen, its just a movie!!! And dont you think, compared to his previous movies , this 1 was unexpectedly poor!! ?

Pavan said...

@ Naveen

I have seen many Uppi movies, I agree that Budhivanta was a good one, then Raktha Kanniru was also good, Upendra movie was also different.

But as for as Super Movie is concerned, the story was not definite it was like fully messed

I could hardly find one or two humorous sequences in this movie , other wise I felt that whole movie was not fun as well not serious type. I felt the director was confused himself , if it was a fun movie or serious type.

Bro, Tell me about that most ridiculous "Soil and Wound" scene, then about the UK guys playing those unreasonable games for money sake scene. All these were like heights of any bakwas scenes.

I agree music was not very bad , it was pretty good only, but they were not related to the sequences in the movie.